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Argotti Botanical Gardens

Argotti Botanical Gardens dates back to 1774 and is situated in Floriana, a short walk from capital of Malta, Valletta. The gardens were originally the private gardens of Grandmaster Pinto and only became a botanical garden in 1805. At that time medicinal herbs and plants were grown at Argotti Gardens and today a small part of that area is still used by the University of Malta for educational purposes.

You will also find plenty of oaks, oleanders, potted plants and cacti and several fountains, ponds and water towers. A small horticultural museum set in part a villa displays both local and foreign seed, plants, gardening maps and record for people to visit. One of the main attractions of Argotti Botanical Gardens is the spectacular views over Floriana’s fortifications and the gardens is popular with locals and tourist alike who want to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Contact: Malta Embellishment and Landscaping Project

Phone: +356 21493170

 +356 21493171


Getting there

All buses giong to Valletta pass through Floriana

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