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Buskett Gardens

Situated next to Verdala Palace, in a valley just inland from Dingli Cliffs, Buskett Gardens was planted by the Knights as a hunting ground. Heavily wooded with native, hardy species such as Mediterranean pines, Buskett Gardens was commissioned by Grand Master Lascaris. The gardens also hold vineyards, orangeries, olive and lemon groves. There are pathways lined with ivy-clad stone walls and wilder woodland that allows for nature walks and exploration. From autumn to spring the gardens are full of wild flowers, natural springs and woodland creatures. The wood leads uphill to the more formal gardens of Verdala Palace. A good picnic spot for tourists and locals, the garden is the venue for a lively summer tradition – the feast of L-Imnarja, a folk festival and harvest thanksgiving which is held on June 29th.

Getting there

Bus number 52 from Valletta

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