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Chinese Garden of Serenity

The Chinese Garden of Serenity is a lovely Chinese Garden situated in Santa Lucija in the South of Malta and has been open to the public since 1997. The Chinese Garden of Serenity reflects the local environment by including natural elements and represents various philosophical ideas. The Chinese Gardens encourage visitors to walk around while roaming freely in their inner thoughts. The most important elements of the Chinese Garden of Serenity are rocks and water which creates a beautiful and very peaceful garden and also symbolises yin and yang, life from birth to death. The garden has fountains, a zig zag formed corridors, bridges, different types of doors with their own specific meaning.

Walking around the garden you will discover that the garden is in fact not one large garden but instead several smaller gardens, separated by walls, sheltered corridors and rooms for visitors to be able to go between one thought to another in each garden. Visiting the Chinese Garden gives you the opportunity for some soul searching in a tranquil environment soaking up the ambience that surrounds the garden.

Chinese Garden of Serenity, Santa Lucija, Malta

Open from 7.00 hrs till 18.00hrs


Getting there

Bus number 83 from Valletta


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