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Exiles Beach

Exiles rocky beach and coastline with its flat rocks is a very popular place to swim and sunbathe during summer and tends to get crowded in certain areas. However since the Sliema-St Julian's coastline is so long, you can always find a less busy spot to relax on with steps and handrails placed along the shore to allow easy access to the water. The coastline between Sliema and St. Julian’s offers great swimming and snorkelling in beautiful deep blue and clear waters, and is a great spot for beginner divers. For more convenience certain spots along the coast have beach clubs or lidos, where sun-beds, water sports and basic facilities are available. These are lively and trendy places to be in the afternoons.


Check out beach and weather conditions here!

Getting there

Bus numbers 13, 14, 16, 21 from Valletta

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