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You will not walk away hungry from this tour
This tour is a perfect combination of a walking/history tour and indulging in Maltese Cuisine.

You will visit 4 unique locations in Malta
Pickup and drop off is organised for you
At each stop, you will have time to walk around and learn the history of the place, whilst indulging in local delicacies
Locations include the following:

-Rabat & Mdina, you will indulge in a typical Maltese breakfast

-A historical walk around the silent city of Mdina, a must-do when in Malta, especially at night.

-Last stop is Mosta, where you will learn about the Mosta Dome. You will feast on a typical 3 course Maltese Lunch and platters, enjoying free-flowing local wine whilst watching a Traditional Maltese Dance performance. 
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The Food & History Tour
200EUR for 2 people
The tour is 4.5hours

*Please note, if you would prefer, we can do a tour centered just around Maltese cuisine, this is around 2hours, and a fully vegetarian tour is also available.
The tour operators organise pickup and drop-off for you at the restaurant. and you would enjoy the 3-course meal, free-flowing local wine, alongside a Maltese performing dance show.  

The Food Tour
130EUR for 2 people
This tour is 2hours

This is a 2hour tour, all about Maltese food.
Pick up and drop off at the restaurant is organised for you.
Indulge in the 3-course meal and platters whilst you enjoy the free-flowing wine and Traditional Maltese Dance performance.

*Please note this tour is also available for Vegetarians, just let us know your preference.

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