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Fort Rinella

Fort Rinella was built in 1878 by the British in Malta and was one of four 100-ton batteries built in Malta and Gibraltar to protect the British. At that time, Fort Rinella was the most advanced war machine and was also the first mechanically powered fort in the world. It was also the home to the worlds largest cannon that could fire a one ton cannon ball that could travel almost 13 km and break through 65 cm of steel armour.  Fort Rinella was built for maximal protection against naval bombings by being built half sunken into the ground and guarded by 35 guards. The fort was in use until 1956 and it has since then been restored and is open for visitors.  Visit Fort Rinella and explore the tunnels, fire an original cannon or rifle, learn how the enormous cannon was built and much more. Enjoy the historical re-enactment shows held hourly and learn about the history of Malta.

Fort Rinella in Kalkara is not open on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Getting there

Bus number 3 from Valletta

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