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Mistra Bay

This enclosed bay is often well protected from the elements due to the surrounding landscape. Though in high season you'll often find many caravans set up around the bay, you can still find a peaceful spot to call your own. The sandy bank makes for an easy sloped entry and extends into a more pebbly area - which is perfect if you've got beach sandals as many would otherwise avoid this spot. There are a couple of jettys and a concrete bank which act both as alternate entry points for swimmers and even spots for some light fishing.  While the city scape opposite the bay can be unsightly, the view swimming out and looking inwards is unspoiled.  If you feel like driving past the bay and up the adjacent hill you'll find Mistra Battery - an 18th century coastal fortification, as well as a view of St. Paul's Island.


Check out beach and weather conditions here!

Getting there

Bus numbers 41, 42, 49 from Valletta

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