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Taking minor roads, country footpaths and offroad trails, you can explore the forgotten valleys and scenic routes of the island

In one day you can  visit historic Malta, with stops at the Neolithic temples, the walled medieval city of Mdina and wayside chapels, while on another day you can discover rugged countryside as well as spectacular cliffs and jagged coastline.

Offroad bicycle touring is available all year round in Malta, although if you choose to go mountain biking in summer the heat can be exhausting for some. 


Excluding €20 bike hire

1 Person (Half day)   €150

1 Person (Full day with a snack)   €250

2 Persons (Half day)   €150

2 Persons (Full day with snack)   €250

3 Persons (Half day)   €220

3 Persons (Full day with snack)   €320

4 Persons and above (Half day)   €55 per person

4 Persons and above (Full day with snack)   €80 per person

Price does not include transport. 

Transport can be provided at additional charges of:


1-4 persons  €25

5-12 persons  €60

12+ persons €5 per person​

A light snack includes lunch of sandwich + soft drink

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