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Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is possibly the most attractive beach in Malta; set within a natural cove, which more than justifies the name. Paradise Bay offers beautiful views of the surrounding rugged landscape, over Malta’s sister Islands Gozo and Comino and over the beautiful green-blue Mediterranean Sea. The actual beach is quite small and has a relaxed feel to it. Paradise Bay also offers excellent and beautiful snorkelling once you swim outside the jellyfish nets, which were installed across the bay to protect bathers, making it safer for the allergic bathers on holiday in Malta. Paradise Bay tends to get busy during summer so arrive early for a good spot. The countryside around Paradise Bay is typical to northern Malta and is ideal for hiking and offers lovely scenery. Paradise Bay‘s car park is located on the top of the cliff and a lengthy flight of stairs lead down to the actual beach. 


Check out beach and weather conditions here!

Getting there

Bus number 41 from Valletta

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