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Don't know what to give for Valentines day? We got you covered!

Valentines day - Love is in the air, so don’t let it just linger. Take the opportunity with your sweet valentine to spend some precious moments together.

Make every second count with an experience for you two.

It’s time to get Creative!

Don’t know where to start? Let us help you build the most memorable valentines day yet!

Choose one of our top packages OR build your own!

The Classic Valentine (Gift Package)

Instead of going the traditional way of getting a bouquet, and a simple box of chocolates, elevate this tradition to a level that will tell your special someone exactly how much they mean to you! This package will be tingling all the senses - taste, smell, sight and touch - and will do wonders for a little flutter for your hearts as well!

A box of artisan chocolates by Malta Chocolate Factory with a beautiful handcrafted box bouquet which will be a centerpoint of your day and week, will be the perfect way of showing your caring to your heart's desire reminding you both that valentines day might be once a year - but love lasts the other 364 as well!

Find the available Gifts HERE

For Those who Wine and Dine

They say the route to a man's heart is through his stomach, but let's be frank, it is universal for everyone. A romantic dinner for just the two of you with an exclusive twist of a custom menu and afterwards bespoke cocktails at Thirsty Barber - what could be more romantic?

Indulge yourself and your partner in some much needed night out!

Find the menu HERE

*Bookings available from Fri 11th Feb - Sun 20th Feb

Book your table from 12pm - 3pm or 6pm - 11pm MON-SUN*

*Bar bookings not available on the 13th Feb*

The Adventurous Ones

Not all lovers are cheesy - some bring out the wildchild in their partners.

Keeping this in mind, why change who you are for the day, when you can also elevate it? This package is sure to get your heart pumping with excitement!

Choose from 3 different Activities: Horse Riding, Pottery Class or Escape Room

Solving a case and doing an escape room together is certainly anything but traditional - but also the perfect pairing for the adventurous couples out there!

Solve an escape room, go horse riding with your partner or create art together - the choice is yours! We can surely tell this memory will stay long after all the chocolates ran out and bouquets dried up.

This package isn’t your usual cheesy valentines day plan - it is only for the Adventurous ones out there!

For more information click HERE

Eat - Dream - Love

Combining all the best aspects of valentines day, and throwing in a surprise that will make this year so memorable.

Imagine a romantic evening with your love, a romantic table at an amazing restaurant, just for the two of you and then, instead of parting at the end of your evening, staying 2 nights at a hotel to just be the two of you in your little bubble?

With a room in the capital city and a little hamper of goodies waiting for you at your suite, making every detail matter!

The next day just strolling around without a care in the world - Or enjoying one of many pre-planned activities.

Let us take care of planning,so you can take care of caring!

Want to make it extra special?

Add on a few more finishing touches to make it even more personal!

  • Foodie Wine or Champagne mini Hampers (Wine, Chocolates and savoury snacks) or (Champagne, Red roses and strawberry chocolates)

  • Bonbons/Chocolates/Artisan chocolate boxes

  • Roses/Bouquets

  • Mini Cake for 2 people/Cupcakes for 2

  • Additional experience for the 2 of you (Find our activities on HERE)

*The requirement for a Vaccination Certificate to comply with the Covid Rules*

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