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Ramla l-Hamra

Ramla l-Hamra Bay, meaning Red Beach in Maltese, is Gozo’s largest sandy beach with unique bright orange-red coloured sand and beautiful blue clear waters. Ramla Bay is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, set in the bottom of a valley with unspoilt wild and fertile nature. Ramla Bay is a magnificent curving bay with rocky cliffs surrounding the beautiful beach, and is popular with snorkelers, families, tourists and locals and tends to get a bit crowded in summer. However, the long and wide beach has plenty of space for everyone! There are underwater rocks a few meters out in the sea on the central part; and although  these are easily noticed, watch out where you put your feet. The statue of Virgin Mary was erected in the middle of the bay in 1881 and still stands today. If you are visiting Ramla Bay in Gozo and in the mood for a hike or a drive, don’t forget to visit Calypso Cave located on the cliffs on the western corner of the beach. From this cave you will have a magnificent view over the whole valley. The undeveloped and natural beach of Ramla Bay should definitely be visited during your holiday in Malta.

Check out beach and weather conditions here!

Getting there

Bus number 302 from Victoria, Gozo

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