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Malta's coastline is rocky with many inlets and caves. This makes Malta the ideal location for traversing the sea coast especially in the hot weather when you head for a shady stretch of coast.

Traversing side-ways on the rock face with the safety of the sea underneath you in case you fall. This sport comprises of the fun of Rock Climbing without the added equipment. This activity takes you to the most beautiful places on the Maltese Islands, where you can enjoy the beauty of the Maltese landscape and sea all at once. In the summer months when temperatures are high and the sea is a very refreshing break, you can throw yourself off the rock-face and into the cool waters of the med!

This activity is available as a half or full day.


1 Person (Half day)   €150

1 Person (Full day with a snack)   €250

2 Persons (Half day)   €150

2 Persons (Full day with snack)   €250

3 Persons (Half day)   €220

3 Persons (Full day with snack)   €320

4 Persons and above (Half day)   €55 per person

4 Persons and above (Full day with snack)   €80 per person

Price does not include transport. 

Transport can be provided at additional charges of:


1-4 persons  €25

5-12 persons  €60

12+ persons €5 per person​

A light snack includes lunch of sandwich + soft drink

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