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Segway Tour comino

Come and glide with us on an all terrain X2 Segway tour around the island, covering more ground than you could on foot and all this without breaking a sweat, our local guides will provide you with some information and will point out the best vantage points for that perfect photo (we all know how much you love social networks )

X2 Segway provides you with an original way to see the island from different points of view while ensuring the journey is quicker, more comfortable and most of all more fun and exciting!


This tour is for those who are on the lookout for adventure, nature, and fun combined into one.


Every tour is supplied with a local knowledgeable guide and we also take free photos and free video and send them to you for free!



Red Tour


Discover some of the most beautiful spots Comino Tower Tour –of the island in just 35-40 min 


Price: 15 euros 
Time required: 35-40 min
Includes: local guide, free photos and videos

Blue Tour


Comino Tower and Beaches - On this beautiful tour you will get to visit all the beaches on the island, we also get to visit the main buildings of interests, including the Comino tower, the old hospital, residential quarters and much more.


We will take you to the most spectacular viewpoints where you get to see all of the Comino island and islets and also the sister islands of Gozo and Malta, A local guide will also give you a lot of information about the island and its treasures, we will also take you to where big movies where filmed like Troy, Count of Monte Cristo etc.


This tour is ideal for who haven’t got long in the Blue Lagoon/Comino but yet still want to see the best views and also make their visit to the island truly unique.

Price: 25 euros 
Time required: 60 min
Includes: local guide, free photos and videos

Green Tour

Comino Explorers Tour – This tour is truly unique, you don’t just get to see the best places on the island, but you will also get to explore the beautiful secret hidden treasures the island got to offer, from secret caves to inlets and hidden coves, beaches, and fortifications this little island is filled with stories and legends of how pirates frequented the island and we will take you to those exact spots ;) 

You will also get to see the Comino tower, the old hospital, the old chapel, every beach on the island and breathtaking viewpoints where you will be able to see all the Maltese islands. You will truly get a feel for how is and how it was the way of life on the islands of Comino.


It’s a tour for those adventurous souls that like to explore places of the beating path, make this visit truly memorable. Be an explorer, smile, let your wild side loose and explore the island without breaking a sweat

Price: 29 euros 
Time required: 90-95 min
Includes: local guide, free photos and videos

Orange Tour


Comino Sunset Tour – While the day tour is already amazing, the sunset tour will let you explore the island in its purest form, you get to see the blue lagoon without the hustle and bustle, discover the island with perfect golden rays of sunset. We will take you to the best spots for that perfect photo.( we all know how much you like social media ).


On this tour you will get to see the island from a different point of view, words can’t justify it. We can arrange boats to get you to Comino at any time during the day and drop you back after the tour 


Price: 35 euros 
Time required: 120-130 min
Includes: local guide, free photos and videos



Yellow Tour

Comino 2 hour Tour – This is our longest tour out of all 5 tours, a tour that takes you to every part of the island, to discover all there is to discover. From secret caves to medieval fortifications, you will get to glide yourself on a Segway and immerse yourself in all this island got to offer. This tour combines all the other tours in one, plus more. That’s what makes it so special. On this tour, you also get to visit the Gun battery with its original cannons that are on the furthest point of the island.

You will get to discover the whole island and all of this while accompanied with a knowledgeable guide that he doesn’t just give you a lot of information and interesting facts but also make the tour more fun. It’s a tour for those who want to make their Comino visit a unique experience to remember forever smile.​

Price: 39 euros 
Time required: 120-130 min
Includes: local guide, free photosand videos

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