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Ta' Qali National Park

Ta Qali National Park is a very popular park situated in the centre of Malta. Closeby, you will also find the National Stadium, a Crafts Village, a vegetable market and the Malta Aviation Museum. During the Second World War the Ta Qali National Park was used as an airfield and is today a very popular picnic area with plenty of space for children to roam around freely. Ta Qali National Park is very popular with Maltese people, especially families and is a very busy place on Saturday afternoons.

The BOV Adventure Park is also located at the National Park with five areas targeting kids, while the rest is dedicated to adults. The popularity and the amount of visitors contributed to the extension that was built to the park in 2009 to accommodate and attract more people. The park is also used for several activities throughout the year such as concerts and fairs.



Getting there

Bus numbers 52, 53 from Valletta


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