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Trekking and hiking will give you the opportunity to really appreciate Malta’s unique character.

Stray from the beaten tourist track and explore our villages, the rugged landscape and the spectacular coastline.  Choose from  a range of Malta  walking routes which cover the best of the islands’ countryside, with its diverse flora and fauna, as well as Malta’s rich cultural heritage.

All our trekking groups are accompanied by experienced guides who will provide a detailed and interesting commentary on the sites, the geology, flora and fauna you will encounter along your walk.


1 Person (Half day)   €150

1 Person (Full day with a snack)   €250

2 Persons (Half day)   €150

2 Persons (Full day with snack)   €250

3 Persons (Half day)   €220

3 Persons (Full day with snack)   €320

4 Persons and above (Half day)   €55 per person

4 Persons and above (Full day with snack)   €80 per person

Price does not include transport. 

Transport can be provided at additional charges of:


1-4 persons  €25

5-12 persons  €60

12+ persons €5 per person​

A light snack includes lunch of sandwich + soft drink

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