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Flying has always been a desire of mankind. Viewing the world as a bird would is enticing to most, and it can now become reality!

With trial flight lessons you can now experience Malta as you have never seen before! You can also learn more about micro-flying, and try out piloting a small aircraft yourself. 

Choose between four different flight experiences, and view Malta as you have never done before!


Introductory Flight

Typically limited to parts of mainland coastal Malta, and may cover areas such as Valletta's Grand Harbour, Dingli Cliffs, Xemxija Bay, Golden Bay, Gnejna Bay.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: €75.00

Group Flight

Groups of 4 persons or more, experiencing a short flight of 15-20 minutes each person. 

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Price: €50.00

Extended Flight

Depending on the runway that departure is done from, we will follow either the east or west coast of Malta up to Comino, then return via Malta's opposite coast. Areas of interest - Dingli Cliffs, Golden Bay area, Anchor Bay (Popeye Village), Blue Lagoon in Comino, Mellieha Bay, Xemxija Bay and St Paul's Islands, St Julian's and Valletta's Grand Harbour.

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: €110.00

Premium Flight

For the ultimate flying experience covering the main Maltese archipelago! The same route as the extended air experience flight is covered, but we will then continue to the beautiful island of Gozo and explore its various features such as Ramla l-Hamra Beach, the Azure Window in Dwejra, Xlendi, Ta' Cenc cliffs, Mgarr ix-Xini, and Mgarr Harbour.

Duration: 75 minutes

Price: €145.00

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