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With steep cliffs, slabs and crevasses we take you to the most spectacular places to abseil in Malta.

Conquer your fears and  lean  back into a whole new world of adventure through abseiling, where you can view Malta from a totally different angle and  learn the  skill of rappelling from our experienced guides.


Our longest abseil is over 75m all the way to a small beach below - amazing - but of course we start you off on shorter routes to help you gain confidence and essential skills.​  Our experienced guides will keep you perfectly safe while you lower down at the cliffs and experience the thrill of Abseiling.


1 Person (Half day)   €150

1 Person (Full day with a snack)   €250

2 Persons (Half day)   €150

2 Persons (Full day with snack)   €250

3 Persons (Half day)   €220

3 Persons (Full day with snack)   €320

4 Persons and above (Half day)   €55 per person

4 Persons and above (Full day with snack)   €80 per person

Price does not include transport. 

Transport can be provided at additional charges of:


1-4 persons  €25

5-12 persons  €60

12+ persons €5 per person​

A light snack includes lunch of sandwich + soft drink

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