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Terms & Conditions


Any activity tickets issued by the Company should be kept safe as replacements will not be issued. You must show your ticket upon boarding your tour/activity. For activities which require tickets (tours, cruises and excursions), you will not be permitted to use any service without presentation of your ticket. Extensions on tickets will not be given.

Tickets are not transferable

Look after your ticket. If you lose it, you will lose your tour/excursion/cruise. Passengers found on these activities without a ticket will be charged the full fare.

Departure Points and Times

The departure points and times provided are as accurate as possible. However, these may vary according to circumstances. The Company reserves the right to change these points and times without notice, although notice will be given when this is possible.


Some tour/excursion/cruise routes may be deviated in the event of marches, parades, or where reasonably prudent to do so in the light of circumstances beyond our control.


The Company reserves the right to cancel tours/excursions/cruises in bad weather. 


In the event that the Company or its partners are unable to render a service on the day of your chosen activity through circumstances within its control, you will be entitled to a full or partial refund. Yacht Charters cancelled due to bad weather will entitle you to move your charter to another day, or a full refund of your deposit. ANY activity cancelled within 7 days of the activity/boarding date will result in a loss of the deposit paid.

Accidents or Loss

Please take care of all personal property while on any activity. The Company will not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, or direct or consequential loss, however caused, unless due to employee negligence. In which case, our liability is limited to damages (except for death or personal injury) to a maximum of the refund of the activity price.

General Conditions

We may at our discretion require any person to alight from his/her chosen activity if it is deemed that his/her conduct is offensive or a nuisance to other passengers, or if behaving in such a way as to constitute a risk to his/her safety or the safety of other passengers, and we shall have no further liability. These conditions shall in all respects be governed by the laws of Malta.



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