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Cocktail masterclass



Are you intrigued by the idea of mastering the art of cocktail making? Imagine delving into the fundamentals of crafting exquisite drinks, all while enjoying the company of friends, colleagues, or family. Our cocktail masterclass offers just that!

Our  Cocktail Masterclass is a feast for curious minds eager for a comprehensive understanding of spirits, garnishing, and ingredients essential to both modern and classic cocktail crafting.

The Masterclass Features:

1. Learn Fundamental Techniques in Cocktail making  

2. Learn about Sprites, Flavours and more.

3. Hands on cocktail making and tasting for ultimate fun!

Masterclass is 2 Hours long, suitable for groups of 6-14 or larger contingents of 15+ guests, our Masterclass is an exclusive experience for those aged 18 and over. 

Rates and extras

45 Euro Per Person  (Groups of 1-10)

40 Euro per Person (Groups of 11+)

Optional Maltese Charcuterie Platter 

Including 3 Types of Cheeses, Olives, Sourdough Bread, Sun Died Tomatoes,

Chutney, Smoked Almonds and Homemade Chocolate. 

24.50 Euro - 2 Person Platter

32.00 Euro - 3 person Platter 

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