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Discover the sparkling Mediterranean waters like never before with our luxurious Yacht Charters in Malta. Board our well-appointed vessels and set sail on a personalized sea voyage, complete with azure skies, glistening waves, and Malta's stunning coastline as your backdrop.

Your charter experience can be enhanced with a host of complimentary add-ons. Dive into Malta's crystalline waters with our free snorkeling equipment, exploring the hidden treasures beneath the waves at your leisure. Or, indulge in a delightful array of menu options, including a sumptuous BBQ set against the backdrop of a setting sun, to make your sea adventure even more memorable.

We boast a versatile fleet of vessels for you to choose from. Sailing Yachts, designed for a tranquil and graceful journey; Catamarans, renowned for their stability and spaciousness; Motor Yachts for that touch of luxury and speed; or Self-Driven Boats for those who desire an intimate sea adventure. Each offers a unique experience, meticulously crafted to your preferences.


Pick  your Yachting style

Pricing for our yacht charters is flexible, based on the type of vessel chosen and the number of guests. Options range from a cozy journey starting at 550 Euro, to a grand voyage aboard our most luxurious yachts costing over 10,000 Euro. We understand that each guest has unique needs and expectations, so we encourage you to send an inquiry. We'll then provide a tailored quote along with all available options to ensure you get the perfect sea experience.

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